Engaging Our Principles of Community 2016-2017


Message from Chancellor Khosla and Vice Chancellor Petitt

This fall, to further promote and communicate UC San Diego’s Principles of Community, the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion will kick off a series of initiatives to emphasize the Principles as central tenets for a more equitable campus climate. The series – Engaging Our Principles of Community – will include seminars and workshops, as well as Campus Climate Enhancement Grant opportunities. Read more...

Initiatives for Academic Year 2016-2017

The Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion seeks to fully engage the campus community through the initiatives outlined below. Further details and additional initiatives will be added as they become available, so be sure to check back regularly throughout the academic year!

Additional events concerning campus climate but not directly organized by our office can be found on our Events page.

November 4: Responding to Triggering Events: Faculty and Classroom Dynamics, with Drs. Kathy Obear & Tanya Williams

November 4, 2016

Price Center Forum

This seminar is specifically designed for instructional faculty.

In discussing controversial topics or current events in class, students and faculty may feel triggered and experience intense, unexpected emotional reactions to the comments and actions of others. If well-managed, these triggering situations can result in greater understanding, communication, and critical thinking. If mismanaged, however, our reactions may lead to significant misunderstanding and unresolved conflict. Effectively navigating triggering moments, therefore, is an essential skill for managing difficult conversations in a productive and inclusive classroom.

In this seminar, participants can expect the following learning outcomes:
• Identify the types of comments and actions that are common triggers for you
• Identify and practice strategies to effectively navigate your reactions
• Practice responding effectively when feeling triggered “in the moment”
• Increase your ability to address conflict in the classroom, facilitate dialogue, and increase mutual understanding

For more information, click here: Responding to Triggering Events Flyer

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November 4: Self-Care for Staff in Student Support Roles, with Drs. Kathy Obear & Tanya Williams

November 4, 2016


Huerta/Vera Cruz Room, Student Center Expansion (Old Student Center)

This seminar is designed for those who provide student support.

Feeling exhausted, burned out? Still deeply committed to creating greater equity, inclusion, and social justice, yet finding yourself at times too weary or overwhelmed to make meaningful change? We all deserve spaces to heal, refuel, and recommit to our vision and goals. In this highly engaging, supportive session, participants will explore the roots of their stress and burnout and explore practical ways to rejuvenate, reenergize, and retool themselves as powerful change agents as they recommit to create truly inclusive organizations and environments for all. 

Session Goals:
• Recognize the depth and breadth of our need for greater self-care and healing as change agents
• Understand the critical need to focus on self-care in order to be of service as leaders in our organizations and in society
• Explore proven approaches and tools for self-care
• Commit to a personal action plan for renewal and rejuvenation

For more information, click here: Self-Care for Staff in Student Support Roles Flyer

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February 17: Academic Survival Skills, with C.K. (Tina) Gunsalus

February 17, 2017

Universities are designed to accommodate a wide range of creative styles and personalities; a person whose conduct exceeds the boundaries of collegial behavior can damage the productivity and morale of others in the environment, and may impede departmental effectiveness. This program explores where the boundaries are or ought to be and how to set and enforce those boundaries.

Tailored especially for academic leaders, MSOs, assistant deans, etc.

In order to achieve the goal of fully engaging our Principles of Community, VC-EDI has enlisted the help of outside experts, including:


C.K. (Tina) Gunsalus

C. K. Gunsalus is the Director of the National Center for Professional and Research Ethics (NCPRE), Professor Emerita of Business, and Research Professor at the Coordinated Sciences Laboratory. Read more...


Dr. Kathy Obear

Kathy has worked for over 30 years as an Organizational Change Consultant. As president of Alliance for Change, she specializes in diversity and change management. Read more...


Dr. Tanya Williams

Tanya has over 20 years of diversity, inclusion, and social justice teaching, programming and facilitation experience in higher education including in professional roles. Read more...

Climate Enhancement Grant Opportunities!

The Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is providing funds ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 for projects aimed at improving campus climate. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until all funds are distributed. Please click here for application details.