Our job is to listen. By gaining feedback on your experiences, we can further refine what constitutes an ideal learning and working environment. We are committed to making positive changes—from removing barriers to access to infusing diversity education into our curriculums and working to gain financial support for underrepresented graduate students and new faculty positions.

Black Academic Excellence Initiative

The benefits of a diverse teaching and learning environment have been well-documented.

UC San Diego is launching the Black Academic Excellence Initiative to help strengthen support for our Black campus community. This initiative is targeted toward improving our undergraduate student yield by increasing scholarship funds to ensure that prospective and admitted Black students can pursue higher education at our campus with less apprehension about covering the cost of their education, as well as improving the presence and experience of Black faculty, graduate students and staff.

Campus strategic plan

Beginning in 2013, Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla sought the help of the entire campus community to draft a plan for the future of the university. From aspirations to areas that need improvement, his goal is to generate a shared vision, one that allows all students, faculty and staff to feel valued and productive. For more information and plan updates, visit

EDI unit plan

In collaboration with the Chancellor’s overarching strategic plan, the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion developed a unit plan to enhance diversity on campus with a goal of recruiting talented underrepresented students and faculty, increasing retention and ensuring a welcoming campus environment.  The plan list goals and initiatives, with key accomplishments, as of the date the plan was published, appearing in the shaded gray boxes.

Unit Plan Cover

Campus climate survey

The University of California conducted an unprecedented systemwide Campus Climate Study Survey which surveyed 430,000 individuals, including students, faculty and staff at UC San Diego, in an effort to assess the quality of learning, living and working environments at all 10 campuses. Insight gained will be used to develop programs to foster a more welcoming, inclusive and healthy campus environment.

Thank you to those who contributed feedback. For UC San Diego 2013 Survey Results visit the survey results page.

For survey results for other campuses and/or aggregate data for all participating UC locations please visit the Office of the President website.

EDI Inclusive Excellence Speaker Series

The purpose of the EDI Inclusive Excellence Speaker Series is to engage campus and community in discourse and reflection around critical issues in equity, diversity, and inclusion.  The series secures high-profile thought leaders to expand perspectives and insights on some of the challenges and solutions regarding the state of equity, diversity, and inclusion in higher education.  In addition, to increasing awareness and facilitating engagement, the series incorporates the scholarly work of current and former faculty, as well as highlights alumni whose work has achieved national and international critical acclaim. The goal of the EDI Inclusive Excellence Speaker Series is to seed transformative conversations and resulting actions that drive change towards a more inclusive and welcoming campus environment for all.  For information about upcoming speakers please visit the news and events portion of the website.

Lead Fellows

LEAD Fellows support and advance UC San Diego’s Strategic Plan goal of cultivating a diverse and inclusive university community that encourages respectful, open dialogue and challenges itself to take bold actions that will ensure learning is accessible and affordable for all.  Fellows receive extensive training to provide leadership and to ensure diversity and excellence across campus. For more information and to learn how to apply visit the Lead Fellows portion of the website.