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Co-Sponsorships of Events and Activities

The UC San Diego Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion invites applications for co-sponsorships to support events and activities that are designed to foster a more inclusive campus climate. We appreciate the time and effort you are willing to spend in creating and offering activities that will enhance campus climate through educational and social programs focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion, and our office hopes to encourage more of these activities by providing partial financial support. The UC San Diego strategic plan has specific diversity goals, and we encourage applicants to link their events to these goals. Co-sponsorships are provided based on alignment with the campus strategic plan's diversity goals, availability of funds, and volume of requests.

The last day to request funding for activites to be held prior to June 30, 2018 is Friday, May 18, 2018.

Eligibility criteria


  • Groups eligible to request funds must be affiliated with UC San Diego (registered student organizations; officially recognized faculty/staff associations; university departments, offices or programs).
  • The event or program must be a UC San Diego campus-based event designed to enhance equity, diversity and inclusion at UC San Diego
  • Your event or program must have other sponsors.

The request for funding should include the following information:

Program/Event Description:

Please provide a brief description of the activity, including the following:

  • Date, time and location of event
  • Desired audience/participants
  • History of event (if applicable)
  • Information about speakers, performers or other key participants
  • Copies of any promotional materials/fliers

Program/Event Impact:

  • Goals - List 1-3 goals
  • Measurable Outcomes - List 1-3 outcomes that you will evaluate
  • Attendance
  • Event surveys or other data that demonstrates that your program met its goals and outcomes

Program/Event Budget:

Please provide a budget with figures and description of how funds will be spent. Below are examples of typical event expenses

  • Advertising/Promotional Items
  • Audio/visual equipment rental
  • Event Set up charges
  • Facility rental fees
  • Food
  • Handouts/copies
  • Parking reservations
  • Speaker fees
  • Travel expenses

Please include your other co-sponsors' (departments, units, divisions, and/or organizations) funding support for your event. We cannot fully evaluate your request if there are no other co-sponsorships listed. All budget expenditures should abide by UC San Diego policies and procedures.


If funded, please acknowledge the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in all promotional materials and programs, and submit a report two weeks after the conclusion of the program/event in order to be considered for future funding through this office.


We recommend that you complete your application in a separate Word document, please refer to application fields in the following PDF(staff/faculty; students). When you are ready to submit, cut/paste your responses into the online application form below. Co-sponsorships are provided based on alignment with the campus strategic plan's diversity goals, availability of funds, and volume of requests.  


For additional information, please contact Glynda Davis,, (858) 534-3840.