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A Message in Support of Our Chinese Campus Community and Partners

UC San Diego Chancellor, Pradeep K. Kholsa shares a special message in support of our Chinese campus community and partners impacted by COVID-19.



  • I’m Pradeep Khosla, chancellor of UC San Diego.

  • In recent weeks, media attention concerning the emergence of COVID-19 in Hubei Province, China has been intense.

  • In this time of high anxiety, we have witnessed the incredible resilience of the Chinese people.

  • On behalf of our university community, I want to extend our compassion and sympathy to all who have been affected by COVID-19.

  • To our Chinese students, alumni and their families who are coping with the epidemic in China, we offer our support.

  • To the people of Hubei and other provinces bravely fighting the virus on behalf of the world community, we offer our support.

  • We stand by you in your efforts.

  • Epidemics like this remind us how vital it is to have international cooperation in science and public health.

  • UC San Diego is ready and willing to play its part.