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Honoring César E. Chávez

Journey through the life one of the most prominent leaders to emerge from the Chicano Movement

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Celebrating Chicano Park

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the reclamation of Chicano Park, a historic landmark located in the community of Barrio Logan, San Diego, California

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Discover more about the Chicano Movement through our virtual exhibits.

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What is Chicanx?

In recent years, the use of "Chicanx" in place of "Chicano/Chicana", and "Latinx" in place of "Latino/Latina", has become a choice term among social justic advocates of Latin and Mexican American descent. 

The “x” transforms the gender-specific terms “Latino” and “Chicano” into more inclusive forms of identity for women, men, non-binary people and those who are gender non-conforming. Latinx recognizes those whose roots stem from Latin America, while Chicanx is an identity rooted in a social justice movement that seeks to empower Mexican American and Latinx communities.

Throughout this site, you will notice the use of "Chicano" to honor the full history of the movement and "Chicanx", to respect all identities of the culture.