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Latinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative

Funding Opportunities

The Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is pleased to announce funding opportunities for innovative pilot programs to advance the mission and core values of the newly launched Latinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative.

Grants of $5,000–$20,000 may be requested for projects that help us achieve these goals. Funding priority will be given to applicants who propose new, innovative projects that have the potential to create systemic changes that increase access, create community, and advance academic achievement. Applicants should specify how proposed projects will address the mission and one or more of the initiative’s six core values.

Spring Quarter Submission: proposals are not currently being accepted. Please check back in the summer.

Please visit to learn more about the initiative, mission, and core values before applying.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be current faculty, staff, or students of UC San Diego. Students must be affiliated with a UCSD program/unit or student organization. 
  • Projects must have pending or committed other sources of support (institutional, gift, or grant) to apply.
  • Projects that have received funding for two years are not eligible to reapply.
  • Projects must focus on the UC San Diego campus community.

Application Guidelines

All applicants must submit a proposal no more than 5 pages. The proposal must include:

  • Cover Page (not included in page count)
    • Grant Title
    • Unit/Department
    • Unit/Dept Contact
    • Fiscal Contact
    • Fiscal Email
    • PI Name
    • PI Email
    • Mail Code
    • Telephone
    • Amount Requested
    • Index Number
    • Fund (Required for fund transfer to your department. Please provide a 99100A index.)
    • Is this request being co-sponsored with any VC-EDI campus community centers? If so, which?
  • Background (1 page)
    • Statement of the problem
    • Significance of the work and key outcome(s)
  • Program Narrative and Impact (2 pages)
    • A description of the proposed project, program, or pilot
    • Project/program aim(s) and goal(s)
    • Methods
    • Any collaborative partnership proposed, including all co-investigators
  • Program Evaluation (1 page)
    • A description of how you will assess and analyze the success of the project/program
  • Budget and Justification (1 page)
    • Brief explanation of how the funds will be used
  • CVs of Project Leaders/Investigators (not included in page count)


Reviewers will evaluate impact of the project on addressing and increasing equity and inclusion at UC San Diego with regard to the mission of the Latinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative. The probability that the project may lead to other institutional, governmental, or foundation funding will be also assessed.

This funding mechanism will favor proposals that have the potential to advance systemic changes at UC San Diego that will exert a sustained, powerful influence on fostering an inclusive and equitable climate in the faculty, staff, and student ranks.

Core Review Criteria

Reviewers will consider each of the review criteria below in the determination of merit, and give a separate score for each.

  • Significance. Does the project address an important problem or a critical barrier to progress in advancing the mission of the initiative? If the aims of the project are achieved, how will campus climate and/or diversity improve at UC San Diego?
  • Project Leader(s)/Investigator(s). Are the project leaders/investigators and collaborators well-suited to the project? Have the project leaders/investigators and/or collaborators demonstrated how their background and skills will address and improve diversity at UC San Diego?
  • Innovation. Does the application propose novel approaches to advancing the mission of the Latinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative?
  • Approach. Are the overall strategy, methodology, and analyses well-reasoned and appropriate to accomplish the specific aims of the project?
  • Sustainability. What is the potential for continued support from non VC-EDI sources?
  • Budget. Is the budget reasonable and thoughtful?
  • Other Support. Have the project leaders/investigators sought out additional funds to implement the project? What other funds (departmental, divisional, gift, grant) are already committed to this project?

Use of funds

Funds of $5,000–$20,000 may be requested. Funds will not be awarded for ongoing work nor for bridge funding. We expect to fund up to five projects based on the merit of submitted applications.


Please submit your application as a PDF, along with all supporting materials, by email to Frank Silva, Chief of Staff (

For additional guidance, you can review previously funded innovation grants here.