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Student Access

At our university, we recognize that true excellence is achieved when we feel respected for our perspectives, backgrounds and heritage. We should all feel included in campus life and experience equitable opportunity in achieving our aspirations.

100+% increase

The number of new freshmen from underrepresented groups has more than doubled since 2012. Learn more.

43% increase

The number of new graduate students from underrepresented groups has increased forty-three percent since 2012. Learn more.

Chancellor's Associates Scholars Program (CASP)

More than just a scholarship, the program supports students—many of whom are the first in their families to attend college—from the summer before their first quarter and through graduation by providing a wide range of resources and opportunities to help them succeed academically at UC San Diego.

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Maria Triplett

Chancellor's Associates Scholar Maria Triplett is a student leader who found her path to success through participating in OASIS Programs, CASP 101, Summer Bridge, and by utilizing Supplemental Instruction. She now leads discussion group in Summer Bridge and is a peer mentor.

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photo of Maria Triplett

Black Academic Excellence Initiative

UC San Diego’s Black Academic Excellence Initiative helps strengthen support for our Black campus community. This initiative increases scholarship funds to retain our undergraduate students.

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Student Success Programs

UC San Diego is committed to the support and success of all students.


375 awards

Initiatives that increase
access to graduate education.


The Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) is one of the largest learning communities at UCSD that empowers students personally, academically, and professionally.

Living-Learning Communities

UC San Diego is committed to creating more spaces where our diverse population of undergraduate students can connect with each other, with the university, and with others within the community.

Success Coaches

Students are connected to a Success Coach from their undergraduate college who is familiar with the resources and opportunities to help them succeed.

Inclusive Teaching and Research

Faculty work collaboratively to cultivate an academic culture of inclusive excellence at UC San Diego, where all can succeed and advance.


30% increase

The number of ladder rank faculty from underrepresented groups has increased by nearly 30% since 2012. Learn more.


headshot of Frances Contreras

Frances Contreras

Dr. Contreras’s research focuses on issues of equity and access for underrepresented students in the education pipeline.

headshot of Todd Coleman

Todd Coleman

Professor Coleman’s team has been integral in creating breakthrough gastroenterological technology.

headshot of Pamela Cosman

Pamela Cosman

Dr. Cosman, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, received the Pinnacle Award.

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Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE)

Since 1993, HCOE has worked to improve the recruitment, retention and success of URM faculty in academic medicine at UC San Diego.

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Staff at UC San Diego

UC San Diego is the largest employer in San Diego County. The number of career staff from underrepresented groups has increased by more than 30 percent since 2012.

According to the 2017 Staff@Work survey, the top strengths of working at UC San Diego included feeling validated for contributions, feeling welcomed, and promoting the Principles of Community. Learn more.



The number of career staff from underrepresented
groups has increased by more than 30%. Learn more.



UC San Diego Staff Initiatives

Staff Appraisal Process (SPA)

EDI values and principles have been incorporated into the core values of the SPA through honoring the Principles of Community, fostering respectful engagement, building a positive climate, and recruiting, promoting and retaining diverse work teams.

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New Employee Onboarding

Supports the goals of advancing EDI by increasing the sense of community and overall positive employment experience, boosting the employee retention rate and creating a welcoming environment for all new employees.

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Resource Management and Planning

“I am currently the only female superintendent in a male-dominated profession. UC San Diego offers so many opportunities for training and advancement, I cannot imagine working anywhere else. I absolutely love my job and my RMP family.” – Yvonne Haywood-Cole, Building Services Superintendent

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picture of Yvonne Haywood-Cole she is wearing a bright pink tank top and khaki shorts and is standing in front of a building, smiling

Talent Acquisition

As Director of Talent Acquisition, Michael Yates works to ensure that UC San Diego is attracting the most qualified and diverse applicants.

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headshot of Michael Yates, he is wearing a blue blazer and white shirt

Women at UC San Diego

Fourteen of the top twenty research awards across Academic Affairs and Health Sciences went to women scholars in 2017.

Women Principal Investigators Leading Research Awards

In 2017, projects led by women were awarded 14 of the top 20 monetary awards in Health Sciences and on General Campus, bringing in over $73,000,000.

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a pie chart showing the amount of research money awarded in 2017 to women P.I.s ($73,568,205 or 69%) and the amount of money award to men P.I.s ($32,706,938 or 31%)

headshot of Yen Le Espiritu she is in front of a yellow background, smiling

Yến Lê Espiritu

Lê Espiritu’s most recent book charts an interdisciplinary field of critical refugee study, which reconceptualizes “the refugee” not as an object of rescue, but as a site of social and political critiques.

headshot of Joann Trejo

Joann Trejo

Professor wins the Ruth Kirschstein Diversity in Science award.

headshot of Angela Booker

Angela Booker

Dr. Booker’s research addresses barriers that diminish access to public participation among underrepresented and disenfranchised communities.

Sally Ride Science @ UC San Diego

Sally Ride Science @ UC San Diego aims to bring science to a younger generation of women and underrepresented minorities. The program includes K-12 STEM + Arts (STEaM) education, professional development for teachers, and online programs through UCTV.

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Building Community

Faculty, staff and students are uniting across campus to create a university that is welcoming and accessible to all. We value each member of the UC San Diego community for their unique talents and recognize that each individual's effort is vital to achieving the goals of the university.

headshot of Olivia Graeve

Olivia Graeve

Professor named one of the “100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico” by Forbes.

headshot of Tara Pixley

Tara-Lynne Pixley

Grad student’s research addresses inequalities in photojournalism.

headshot of Melissa Williams

Disability Counseling and Consulting

Director Melissa Williams and her team provide disability management and job accommodation consultation services to UC San Diego faculty and staff.

Campus Community Centers and Programs

headshot of Sanika Moharana

APIMEDA Programs & Services

APIMEDA programs help students—especially from the Asian American, Pacific Islander and Southwest Asian North African American populations—find community at UC San Diego.

photo of Jzov Stith-Gambles, Cambria Anderson, and Nikaria Dixon

Black Resource Center

The Black Resource Center serves the entire population of UC San Diego while emphasizing the Black experience.

photo of Maha Zubaidi

Cross-Cultural Center

The Cross-Cultural Center provides a place of belonging and validation for underrepresented and underserved students, staff and faculty.

headshot of Sam Lucero

Intertribal Resource Center

The Intertribal Resource Center is dedicated to creating a welcoming space on campus and a supportive community for Native American students, faculty and staff.

headshot of Afi Blackshear

LGBT Resource Center

The LGBT Resource Center is a diverse and inclusive public space for all members of the campus community to explore issues related to sexual and gender identities, practices and politics.

headshot of Eddie Tapia

Raza Resource Centro

The Raza Resource Centro is a space for all to converse and connect around intersectional Chicanx/Latinx identities, Latinidad and cultura.

photo of Hilda Betancourt in a field of flowers

Women's Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center serves as a resource for the entire campus community while focusing on the experiences of diverse women.

head shot of Ebonee Williams, she is wearing a purple shirt and a black blazer


Staff and faculty contribute their voices and lead positive change at UC San Diego through numerous committees, from the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women to the EDI Advisory Council.

“It’s about being heard, and how we listen, and how we get to contribute that validates people’s excitement to be here and engage.” — Ebonée Williams, EDI Advisory Council

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The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion supports projects that advance UC San Diego's diversity goals. They encourage new, innovative projects that have the potential to create systemic changes addressing disparities in faculty, student or staff ranks at UC San Diego.


20+ grants

20+ projects that UC San Diego has funded to address disparities and promote inclusion. Learn more.



EDI-Funded Innovation Grants

group shot of the UC-Morehouse-Spelman summer program participants

UC-Morehouse-Spelman Summer Bridge Program

Morehouse and Spelman students in physics, engineering, and material sciences research with UC San Diego faculty mentors.

group shot of the Summer Program for Women in Philosophy participants

Women in Philosophy Summer Program

Encouraging undergraduate women in philosophy and helping them to succeed in graduate school and beyond!

group shot of UCSD-Xavier summer research program participants

UCSD-Xavier Summer Research Program

Undergraduates from Xavier University conduct summer research at the Division of Biological Sciences and Scripps Institute of Oceanography.