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Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Leadership: Highlights

VC-EDI works collaboratively across campus to initiate policy, programmatic, and systems changes that advance inclusion and equity across campus. Below are a few achievements since 2016:

image of the Sun God with the text "Your Ideas Can Take Us To New Heights" next to it

Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence

two college-aged women are sitting next to each other, talking seriously. They are facing each other with their legs crossed.

Engaging Our Principles of Community

a group of black students sit in a semi-circle on a couch. they are all looking at something or someone who is off camera in the upper right hand corner of the picture

Black Academic Excellence Initiative Advisory Committee

Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution

a group of apimeda students standing together posing for a picture

Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Desi American (APIMEDA) Program

groups of staff members gather around papers  taped to the wall, for an activity. they are conversing with each other within their groups

Staff Performance Appraisal

Women's Faculty Network

three faculty members talking to each other. the one directly in front of the camera is laughing, the two others are in profile

Faculty of Color Network

Frances Contreras talks to a group of faculty. She is the only person in focus in the photograph

Center for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion

EDI Innovation Grants

Faculty Peer Mediation Program

Equity-Minded Teaching + Learning Practices

College Transition Programs

EDI Grant for Faculty Leadership in Excellence and Diversity

Additional Campuswide Programming