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To help UC San Diego advance its goal of servingness, the UC San Diego HSI workgroup developed a servingness statement that forms the basis of its recommendations and promotes a definition of specific Latinx outcomes centered on racial justice.

Statement on 

Latinx/Chicanx Servingness

UC San Diego is committed to ensuring equitable access and preparing our Latinx/Chicanx students for academic success in college and career. Communidad is who we are and what we do. Students, families, faculty, staff, and alumni are integral members, and racial equity and social justice are priorities and essential to our mission and purpose of Latinx servingness.

To be Latinx/Chicanx Serving

  • We intentionally honor and prioritize the intersectional identities, lived experiences, and strengths of the Latinx/Chicanx UC San Diego community in all aspects of campus life.
  • We foster inclusive and equity-minded teaching and research environments.
  • We cultivate future leaders through culturally responsive mentorship, research, and community partnerships.
  • We retain and graduate Latinx/Chicanx scholars with a deep sense of identity and service.
  • We enhance student well-being, co-curricular, and academic services to meet the evolving aspirations, needs, and interests of our Latinx/Chicanx students.
  • We increase Latinx/Chicanx faculty, staff, and administrator diversity.
  • We make college affordable through increased philanthropy to enhance financial aid.