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Building Community Trust Together.

Transparency and trust are the foundations of an inclusive community. The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusions and UC San Diego conduct regular surveys on EDI issues across campus. Here you will find the quantitative and qualitative outcomes of our efforts: accountability data dashboards, as well as a series of detailed reports focused on inclusivity - from campus climate feedback to the success of diverse campus committees over the years.


UC San Diego’s progress in creating an inclusive campus is presented here in a series of interactive dashboards. The dashboards display all data on key indicators like recruitment, retention, and advancement. Play with the data and track our progress yourself!

We welcome feedback to guide development. Send comments or questions concerning the dashboards to


Below are UC San Diego reports prepared by campus committees, task forces, advisory panels and other campus groups regarding faculty, gender, equity and racial diversity.

UC San Diego reports since 1995 covering faculty gender equity or racial diversity prepared by campus committees, task forces, advisory panels or other campus groups:

Reports published by the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues (GISOI)

Climate and Diversity Surveys